Yesterday I posted a simple pencil sketch for an earring with a diamond-encrusted dangling briolette.  As mentioned, I wasn’t exactly sure if my design was feasible as sketched out yesterday.  After having given the concept some more thought, I’ve re-rendered the earring and fleshed it out with color.  In this case, the color is mainly white gouache and various shades of grey since I think the earring would look stunning with a faceted quartz crystal briolette, diamonds and white metal:

Watercolor and gouache quartz crystal briolette and diamond encrusted earring rendering by Joana Miranda
Watercolor and Gouache Quartz Crystal Briolette and Diamond-Encrusted Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Setting the briolette in a diamond-encrusted “sling” would still be a challenge, but one that could be solved with the use of a laser welder.  I’ve also designed a briolette cap at the top of the briolette.  Generally, in jewelry making, glue is a no-no.  In this case, a tiny spot of glue inside the cap would help to further secure the briolette in place.

I chose to use blue Canson art paper for this rendering because I find that painting white metal on blue paper helps to bring the metal to life more realistically.  I still find it easier to render gold metal rather than white metal, and from looking at the renderings of the masters, I think I’m not alone in this.   I’d welcome any suggestions from those of you with experience doing this successfully!


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