Photo of colored pencils in a teacup taken by Joana Miranda

The temperatures have been so hot in New York City this week that the prospect of long walks with my camera hasn’t been appealing at all.  Thankfully, our apartment – small as it is – is filled with lots of my favorite things.

Antique teacups passed down from our grandmothers…

Photo of gold painted teacups taken by Joana Miranda

My collection of colored pencils…

Photo of colored pencils in a teacup taken by Joana Miranda

The “sugared” fruits on our dining room table…

Photo of sugared fruits in bowl, taken by Joana Miranda

Mike and Ike’s (fuel for the photographer!)

Photo of Mike and Ike's candy taken by Joana Miranda

And, of course the antique toys that belonged to my father as a child…

Photo of antique toys taken by Joana Miranda

Hope you are surrounded by beautiful things wherever you are, too!


    • Ola Pedro,

      I was having fun using the Aperture Value setting on my new digital Panasonic Lumix camera! I still haven’t discovered all the “bells and whistles” of the camera, but I’m on my way.

      Hoje vamos passear no norte de Manhattan e fazer uma visita ao mosteirio Cloisters. It is a medieval monastery/museum, but was originally in France (then transported here.) That’s about as close to the Middle Ages as you can get in this country. 😉

      Ciao –

    • Ola Pedro,

      Pics are coming soon! We had a gorgeous day and I got some really nice shots of the gardens at the Cloisters museum…

      Ate ja –

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