We’re 10 days into the Inktober 2019 challenge and so far I haven’t missed a day. My personal “icing on the cake” twist is to create my daily ink illustrations freehand. To keep myself accountable, I’m videotaping the process for the millions of my adoring fans to see. If you enjoy my cartoon drawing videos, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to join the elite group of followers at Joana Miranda Studio at Youtube. (And yes, you’re right if you’ve picked up on hints of playfulness in those last two sentences.)

Playfulness has been a thread in my cartoon drawing videos from this past week. Can you guess where I’m going with this illustration?

And with this one?

Spoiler Alert!

(Here’s the 1st video’s drawing after I added watercolor):



I posted recently about my two favorite fountain pens for drawing. However, as the Inktober 2019 challenge has been proceeding, I’m finding that I reach more consistently for my Sailor Fude Nib fountain pen. The variety of line I can get with the Sailor pen seems superior to what I get with the Duke 209 fountain pen. I think I’ll reserve the Duke for my smaller scale, more detailed drawings and children’s book illustrations.


I’m delighted to announce that my cartoons (84 of them!) are now being hosted by I’m honored to be in the company of some of my favorite cartoonists (you’ll recognize many of the names from The New Yorker) and I look forward to adding more cartoons to my portfolio on Cartoonstock in the near future. If you’re looking to use one of my cartoons in a newsletter, web presentation or just for instant download, click the “more info” button or “buy” on the cartoon to get pricing information. Cartoonstock’s pricing is extremely reasonable and the purchase process is user friendly.


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      Thank you, Mm! I think you’ll like today’s video and colored in illustration, too.

      Xox –

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