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5 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity

Out in the Park (detail from Moleskine illustration by Joana Miranda

Here are 5 ways to recharge your creativity - an easy enough list to do that just requires some "rinse and repeating" for success.

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Found Object Drawing Video

Ink and water brush pen drawing of little conductor with note shadow - by Joana Miranda

My latest found object drawing video features a tuning fork. Wearing two hats as an illustrator AND musician means I work to find harmony in all the lines!

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Proof That You Can Have Your Cake (Ice-Cream) and Eat It, Too!

Selfie sticks have health benefits, too...

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I forgot to mention that I'm also thankful for having had an ENTIRE day off yesterday. My cartoon characters were really missing me!

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A Sunday Funny

History books show that the feminist movement can be traced all the way back to Medieval times...

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